September 8th.
Opening: Awake, my soul. 151
Offertory: O thou who camest from above. 463
Communion: O Master let me walk with thee. 572
Closing In the cross of Christ I glory. 336 (Verses 1 - 3)

September 15th (Holy Cross)
Asperges me - Tomas Luis da Victoria
Opening: At the Name of Jesus 1982 Hymnal #435
Communion Service in C - Charles V. Stanford
Offertory Anthem: O Saviour of the World - Frederick Gore Ouseley
O Saviour of the World, who by thy cross and precious blood hast
redeemed us: save us and help us, we humbly beseech thee, O Lord.
Offertory Cross of Jesus 1982 Hymnal # 160
Communion 66 Sing, my tongue the glorious battle verses
1, 4, 5, 6,
Closing Lift High the Cross 1982 Hymnal; #473

September 22nd
Opening" Praise my soul the king of heaven. 282
Missa Octavi Toni - Orlandus Lassus
Offertory Anthem: Lay up for yourselves - Ned Rorem
Offertory Hymn: O Jesus I have promised. 1982 Hymnal #655
Communion:O God unseen 198. First Tune
Closing: Father we praise thee 157

September 29th
Opening: A Mighty Fortress is our God. 551
Mass for the Quiet Hour - George Oldroyd
Offertory Anthem: Superflumina Babylonis - Palestrina
Communion. 418 Blessed are the pure in Heart
Closing 310 God moves in a mysterious way

Evensong and Benediction at 4pm (Michaelmas)
Celebrating the 150 Anniversary of the Parish of the Church of the
Good Shepherd and blessing of the first responders

Preces and Responses - Richard Ayleward
Office Hymn Around thy those. 120
Evening Service "Collegium Regale" - Herbert Howells
Anthem: O Lord, Support us - David Briggs
O Lord, support us - David Briggs (b. 1962)

O LORD, support us all the day long, until the shadows lengthen and
the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life
is over, and our work is done. Then in thy mercy grant us a safe
lodging, and a holy rest, and peace at the last. Amen

Psalm 117 Jeffrey Smith

October 6th
Opening: Lead us, heavenly father 567
Communion Service in E - Harold Darke
Offertory Anthem: O Lord, increaser faith - Henry Loosemore
O Lord, increase my faith strengthen me and confirm me in thy true faith,
endue me with wisdom, charity, chastity and patience in all my adversity.
Sweet Jesus, say Amen.
Offertory Hymn: My faith looks up to Thee. 449
Communion: Holy Spirit, truth divine 377
Closing I know not where the road will lead. 432

October 13th
Opening: Christ is made the sure foundation. 1982 Hymnal #518
Mass in the Phrygian Mode - Charles Wood
Offertory: O Jesu Christ meins Lebenslicht - J.S. Bach
Offertory Hymn: Jesus, all my gladness. 1982 Hymnal #701
Communion: I come with joy. 1982 hymnal #304
Closing: Now Thanks All our God 276

October 20th

Opening: Praise to the Lord. 279
Missa O Quam Gloriosum - Tomas L da Victoria
Offertory Anthem: I will lift up mine eyes - Leo Sowerby
Offertory Hymn: O Word of God Incarnate. 402
Communion: Judge Eternal. 518
Closing: O for a thousand tongues 325

October 27th
Opening Lord Jesus, think on me. 417
Communion Service in D - Kenneth Leighton
Offertory Anthem: O for a closer walk with God - Charles V. Stanford
Offertory hymn: Out of the Depths. 1982 hymnal. #666
Communion: Just as I am. 409 Third Tune
Closing: My faith looks up to Thee. 449

November 3rd. All Saints Sunday
Opening: For all the Saints. 126
Missa Sancti Johannes de Deo - Joseph Haydn
Offertory: Faire is the Heaven - William Harris
Offertory Hymn: Jerusalem the golden 597
Communion: Jerusalem, my happy home. 585
Closing: O What their joy 589

November 10th. Requiem Mass for Armistice Day
Mass Ordinary: Missa Pro Defunctis a 5 - Cristobal de Morales
Offertory Hymn: Who are these like stars appearing 130
Communion: Abide with me 467
Retiring procession: In Paradisum - Juan Esquivel

November 17th
Opening: Once to every man and nation 519
Communion Service in B Flat - C. V. Stanford
Offertory Anthem: De profundis clamavi - Josequin des Prez
Offertory hymn: O Master let me walk with thee. 572
Communion Lord you give, the great commission 1982 Hymnal. #528
Closing: Father eternal. 532

November 23rd

Opening; Crown him with many crowns 352
Communion Service "Collegium Regale" - Herbert Howells
Offertory Anthem: Dignus est Agnus - Malcom Williamson
Offertory Hymn: Ride on, ride on in Majesty. 64 Second Tune
Communion: Let all mortal flesh keep silence. 197
Closing: the head that once was crowned with thorns. 106