Easter III  May 5th 

Opening hymn: Alleluia, alleluia  92 (verses  1-3) 

Missa Portae Honoris - Charles Wood 

Set me as a seal - William Walton 

Offertory: Good Christian all rejoice and sing!   205 (1982 Hymnal) 

communion: Now the green blade riseth   204 (1982 hymnal) 

Closing: Come ye faithful, raise the strain   94 (First Tune) 

Easter IV May 12th 

Opening hymn: The King of Love my shepherd is   345 (First Tune) 

Missa Princeps Pacis - William Lloyd Webber   
Love's Endeavour, Love's expense - Barry Rose 

Offertory: Fairest Lord Jesus    346 (Second Tune) 

Communion: Jesus, gentlest saviour   348

Closing: Jesus thou joy of loving hearts     485 (First Tune) 

Easter V   May 19th 

Opening hymn: Glorious things of Thee are spoken  385

Missa Brevis - Andrea Gabrieli 

If ye Love Me - Anthony Mosakowksi 

Offertory; Love Divine, all love's excelling (First Tune) 

Communion: Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face  208 (Second Tune) 

Closing: Love's redeeming work is done 188 (1982 hymnal) 

Easter VI   May 26th 

Opening hymn:  Praise to the Lord 279

Mass for the Quiet Hour - George Oldroyd

Offertory: Prayer to Jesus - George Oldroyd 

Offertory: Immortal invisible  301

Communion: Jesu, the very thought of thee 462 (Second Tune) 

Closing:: Thou hidden love of God    464

Easter VII  June 2nd

Opening: All Hail, the power of Jesus name   355 (First Tune) 

Communion Service in G - Charles Villiers Stanford 

Jesus Christ the Appletree - Elizabeth Poston 

Offertory: See the conqueror mount in triumph    103 (First Tune)

Communion: O Jesus, crowned with all reknown  101

Closing: The head that once was crowned with thorns   106