Spoken Mass: Sunday at 8:00am

Sung Mass: Sunday at 10:30am

Evening Prayer every weekday


Welcome in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! The Church of the Good Shepherd welcome visitors, neighbors, and friends every day. If you find yourself in the neighborhood with spare time on your hands, please stop in! If you find yourself hurried and need some respite, we hope that you will truly find in the beauty of this place, refreshment and peace.

If worship is in progress, feel free to join us! Simply have a seat in one of the pews. For services at the High Altar, leaflets are available at the Welcome Table. For services in the Lady Chapel (to the right of the Altar), leaflets are available on a small table at the back of the Chapel. During worship services, please silence or turn off all mobile devices. We encourage you to participate in the worship service. You are also welcome to sit quietly and be ministered to by the the service.

If you visit when no organized event is underway, you are generally free to explore the Nave and Lady Chapel. Printed self-guided tour pamphlets are available on the Welcome Table or in the Tower Lobby. You might see others quietly meditating or praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Others might be softly speaking with a priest or staff member. While you are most welcome to take photos and roam freely within the public area of the church, we ask that you take care not to disturb others.



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mission, beliefs, and ministry.

“Non Ministrari, sed Ministrare.”

Our motto adopted by the parish in 1994, (the centennial year of our current building) taken from the Latin translation of Matthew 20:28 means not to be ministered unto, but to minister. No matter where you are on your faith walk or life journey, we invite you to experience the ministry of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Rosemont. If you need to be ministered to, come and be nurtured by the rich liturgical worship and genuine community. If you desire to minister to others, come and join us in our work of showing Christ’s love and grace to our community and beyond.